1. Compressive sampling offers a new paradigm for acquiring signals that are compressible with respect to an orthonormal basis. Xx offers xx for xx 压缩采样提供了一种新的范例,用于获取相对于标准正交基础可压缩的信号。
  2. This paper describes a new iterative recovery algorithm called CoSaMP that delivers(提供) the same guarantees as the best optimization-based approaches. 本文描述了一种称为CoSaMP的新迭代恢复算法,该算法提供与基于最佳优化的方法相同的保证。 3.rigorous bounds on computational cost and storage. 计算成本和存储的严格界限
  3. extremely efficient 效率极高
  4. Contemplating this ugly inefficiency, one might ask if it is possible instead to acquire compressive samples. 考虑到这种丑陋的低效率,人们可能会问是否有可能获得压缩样本。 Contemplate (仔细考虑)
  5. Compressive sampling refers to the idea that, for certain types of signals, a small number of nonadaptive samples carries sufficient information to approximate the signal well. 压缩采样指的是,对于某些类型的信号,少量非自适应样本携带足够的信息以很好地近似信号。
  6. This paper presents and analyzes a novel signal reconstruction algorithm that achieves these desiderata. 本文提出并分析了一种实现这些需求的新型信号重建算法。
  7. As the name suggests, the new method is ultimately based on orthogonal matching pursuit (OMP) 顾名思义,新方法最终基于正交匹配追踪(OMP) 9.Sparse signals are an idealization that we do not encounter in applications, but real signals are quite often compressible, which means that their entries decay rapidly when sorted by magnitude. 稀疏信号是我们在应用中不会遇到的理想化,但实际信号通常是可压缩的,这意味着它们的条目在按大小排序时会快速衰减。
  8. These traits are essential for the translation of compressive sampling from theory into practice. 这些特征对于将压缩采样从理论转化为实践至关重要。

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